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Researchers and environmental groups are documenting floral species in the State of Maharashtra and educating people about their existence through nature walks.

  • Ephemerals are any short-lived plant, usually one that has one or more generations per year.
  • They grow only during favourable periods (as when adequate moisture is available) and passing the unfavourable periods in the form of seeds.
  • They are of two types — annual and perennial
  • Annual ephemerals form new individuals every year and are seen for a very short period.
  • They form seeds at the end of their life cycle, remaining dormant till the next year.
  • Perennials have a source like a tuber or a bulb in the soil, so it is the same individual, but the other parts (stem, flowers) are newly formed.”
  • Monsoon ephemerals bloom towards the end of May and throughout June, July, August, and September.
  • Some other monsoon ephemerals will just form leaves and little branch structures after a few showers.
  • These leaves stay for a month or more and then flowering starts, which goes on till July and August.
  • The onset of monsoon brings flowers such as ground orchids (Nervilia and Eulophia), lilies (crinum lily, pancratium lily, grass lily, star lily), wild yam (suran), and Indian squill.