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EV Charging Connector Standard

EV Charging Connector Standard:

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has recently approved a novel AC and DC combined charging connector standard for light electric vehicles (LEVs) like scooters, bikes, and rickshaws.

  • This standard marks a pioneering step in the EV industry, aiming to address issues of interoperability and range anxiety.
  • The newly approved EV charging standard is notable for being the world’s first to integrate alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) charging for LEVs.
  • While combined AC and DC charging standards for electric four-wheelers are already in widespread use globally, this development is specifically tailored to the unique needs of smaller, two-wheeled EVs.
  • One of the primary advantages of a combined charging standard is its interoperability.
  • This means that a single standard can be adopted by different EV manufacturers and charging infrastructure providers.
  • This feature simplifies the charging process and ensures that various EV models can use the same charging stations.