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First Jharkhand Migrant Survey

First Jharkhand Migrant Survey:

The first Jharkhand Migrant Survey (JMS) was recently conducted across 24 districts of the state.

  • Nearly 8.5 lakh migrant workers belonging to the state travelled back to Jharkhand during the Covid crisis.
  • The initiative is part of the state’s Safe and Responsible Migration Initiative (SRMI), which was launched in 2021-end and includes the preparation of a database of migrant workers.
  • Jharkhand is not the only state to conduct migrant labour surveys.
  • Kerala has been a pioneer in this field, followed by states like Tamil Nadu and Punjab.
  • But there is a basic difference in labour movement between Kerala and Jharkhand.
  • In Kerala, workers mostly go abroad (mainly to Gulf countries).
  • However, the issue is internal migration in Jharkhand.