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Global Registry Of Fossil Fuels

Global Registry Of Fossil Fuels:

Climate campaigners have launched the world’s first registry of fossil fuel reserves, production and emissions.

  • The Global Registry of Fossil Fuels is the first large-scale public database to track what is yet to be burned.
  • Carbon Tracker, a nonprofit think tank that researches the energy transition’s effect on financial markets, and the Global Energy Monitor, which tracks a range of global energy projects, jointly developed the registry.
  • These organizations hope the registry will empower groups to hold governments accountable in a range of scenarios, for example, when issuing licenses for fossil fuel extraction.
  • The inventory includes data from more than 50,000 oil, gas and coal fields in 89 countries, covering 75 per cent of global production.
  • With the Registry, it will be much easier to include expected future emissions into the analysis, and thus identify and prioritize the companies with the greatest risk of harbouring assets likely to become stranded.