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Small Cells

Small Cells:

To expedite the roll-out of 5G, telecom operators in the country will leverage street furniture such as poles, advertisement hoardings and bus shelters for deploying low-power base stations called ‘small cells’ that will help bring the network closer to the consumers.

  • Small cells are needed for deploying 5G as opposed to earlier generations such as 4G, because of the frequency.
  • The higher the frequency, the lower the wavelength, which means that the distance they travel is less.
  • Small cells are low-powered radio access nodes or base stations that have a coverage range from a few metres up to a few hundred metres.
  • They are portable, easy to deploy and help provide localised coverage.
  • As per the TRAI paper, small cells provide coverage for very short distances and therefore they are installed in a large number — even more than 200 per square kilometre — for good geographical coverage to provide highly reliable and high-capacity broadband.