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H5N2 Bird Flu : First-Ever Human Case

H5N2 Bird flu:

The first-ever human case of H5N2 has been reported in Mexico City, involving a 59-year-old man who died from the infection.

  • Bird Flu or avian flu, is an infectious viral disease caused by the Avian Influenza A virus.
  • It mainly infects and spreads among poultry and some wild birds.
  • Occasionally, a form of the flu virus jumps from wild birds to poultry farms.
  • It then quickly evolves into a highly pathogenic flu virus that causes a larger wave of illness and death among birds.
  • Avian influenza can also infect humans due to direct contact with infected birds or contaminated environments.

H5N2 Bird flu:

  • H5N2 is a subtype of the Avian Influenza A virus.
  • Influenza A viruses are categorised by subtypes based on the proteins on their surfaces.
  • There are 18 different hemagglutinin (H) and 11 different neuraminidase (N) subtypes, including H5N2.
  • Hemagglutinin is a glycoprotein found on the surface of influenza viruses and neuraminidase is an enzyme found on the surface of the viruses that enable them to be released from the host cell.
  • H5N2 has been first reported in poultry in Mexico.