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Hackathon Event 2022: NITI Aayog and PhonePe

Hackathon Event:


As a part of the Fintech Open Month, NITI Aayog in association with PhonePe will be hosting the first-ever open-to-all Hackathon event for ideating and coming up with the most creative solutions for the FinTech space.

  • The Hackathon will provide an opportunity for innovators, digital creators and developers from all over India to think, ideate and code
  • Participants at the hackathon need to use any open-data APIs like PhonePe Pulse along with frameworks such as Account Aggregator as a foundation to power the following use cases:
    • Alternate risk models for Lending, Insurance or Investments with focus on financial Inclusion
    • Innovative Products that use the power data signals for various demographics and Geos for broader adoption of financial services
    • Improved Visualisation and Derived intelligence based on the Digital payments data
  • The final app that participants come up with must incorporate one of the above.