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Canary Islands : More Than 30 Migrants Dead

Canary Islands : More Than 30 Migrants Dead

A boat tragedy occurred recently, around the Canary Islands in Spain.

  • More than 30 migrants are feared dead after a small boat headed for Spain’s Canary Islands sank.
  • Neither Spanish nor Moroccan authorities have confirmed about how many people had been on board the vessel or how many might be missing.

Canary Islands:

  • Located in Atlantic Ocean.
  • It is an archipelago which is a group or chain of islands that are closely scattered in a body of water, such as a sea, ocean, lake, or river.
  • It is about 1300 km South of mainland Spain and 115 km West of the African coast (Morocco).
  • The Canaries comprise the Spanish provinces of:-
    • Las Palmas and
    • Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • These Islands were formed by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago.
  • They have a subtropical climate.
  • Temperatures are warm and show little seasonal variation.
  • It has rich volcanic soils and mild temperatures that support a wide variety of vegetation.