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High Energy Photon Source

High Energy Photon Source:

China is set to become the first country in Asia with a fourth-generation synchrotron light source with the completion of the High Energy Photon Source (HEPS).

  • This advanced facility will produce some of the world’s brightest X-rays, significantly enhancing research capabilities across various scientific fields.
  • HEPS will accelerate electrons to 6 gigaelectron volts, enabling high-resolution imaging at nanometre scales and facilitating rapid experiments.
  • HEPS (High Energy Photon Source) is recognized as the brightest synchrotron X-ray source in Asia.
  • Synchrotrons use electricity to generate intense beams of light, over a million times brighter than the sun.
  • They utilize a multi-bend achromat lattice, a complex array of magnets, to produce narrower and brighter X-ray beams.