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BHISHM Portable Cubes

BHISHM Portable Cubes:

BHISHM portable cubes were dropped from an airplane by the Indian Air Force in Agra as part of an important test. These mobile hospitals are meant to provide emergency medical care anywhere, and this event was their first test run.

  • Project BHISHM, which stands for “Bharat Health Initiative for Sahyog, Hita, and Maitri,” involves putting up mobile hospital units that can treat up to 200 people at once. The goal of this effort is to respond quickly and provide complete care in emergencies.
  • Features of BHISHM Portable Cubes:
    • Aid Cubes come with cutting-edge technology, like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics, that will change the way crisis relief is done forever.
    • Using AI and data analytics in Aid Cubes makes it easier for disaster response teams to work together, making sure that aid efforts are coordinated and done on time.
    • These movable cubes are made to improve medical care in the field, which is especially important after disasters.
    • AI and data analytics make it possible to keep an eye on resources and people in real time, which improves the performance of medical and aid services.
    • Aid Cubes allow continuous, real-time tracking of the situation on the ground.
    • This lets people make quick changes and smart decisions when things are changing quickly.
    • The technology in Aid Cubes makes it easier for teams and agencies working on crisis relief to talk to each other and work together, which makes operations run more smoothly and efficiently