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Hotline between India and China : What is a Hotline?

India and China announced that both have agreed to establish a Hotline:


  • The decision to install a Hotline between the two countries was taken over a telephonic meeting between India’s External Affairs Minister and China’s Foreign Affairs Minister.
  • The hotline is a direct telephone line in constant operational readiness so as to facilitate immediate communication.
  • The Hotline will be helpful in timely communication and exchange of views between the two countries.

India’s Stand:

  • Reiterated the ‘three mutuals’ (mutual respect, mutual sensitivity, and mutual interests) as the approach to the relationship.
  • Disengagement, followed by de-escalation, will lead to peace along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), and eventually normalization of ties.

China’s Stand:

  • The boundary situation should not be placed at the front and center of the relationship, but instead at a “proper place” in overall ties.
  • The indication was the two sides should return to business as usual while the issue is dealt with.