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INS Tushil

INS Tushil:

INS Tushil is the first Krivak-III frigate to be acquired under Project 11356M.

  • India in October, 2016 signed an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) with Russia to purchase/construct four additional Admiral Grigorovich-class (Project 11356M) frigates through a partnership between Russian and Indian shipyards.
  • Russia will supply two of the frigates (INS Tushil and INS Tamala), while the other two will be constructed in India.
  • The Talwar-class frigates, or Project 11356, are a class of stealth-guided missile frigates.
  • The construction of the ships is based on the Indian Navy’s specific requirements to meet the entire spectrum of naval warfare in all three dimensions of air, surface, and sub-surface.
  • These ships feature “stealth technology” in terms of low radar and underwater noise signatures.
  • These ships are being equipped with major Indian-supplied equipment such as surface-to-surface missiles, sonar systems, surface surveillance radar, communication suites, and anti-submarine warfare systems, along with Russian surface-to-air missiles and gun mounts.