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International Intellectual Property Index 2022

International Intellectual Property Index 2022:


India has improved its overall International Intellectual Property (IIP) score from 38.4% to 38.6%, and the country is ranked 43rd out of 55 countries on the International Intellectual Property Index.

  • International Intellectual Property Index is an annual report compiled by the US Chambers of Commerce.
  • This year (2022) the index is topped by the US with 95.4%.

International Intellectual Property Index:

  • The 2020 U.S. Chamber International IP Index titled ‘Art of the Possible’ creates a template for economies that aspire to become the 21st century, knowledge-based economies through more effective IP protection.
  • In its eighth edition, the Index maps the IP ecosystem in 53 global economies, representing over 90% of global Gross Domestic Product.
  • The Index evaluates the IP framework in each economy across 50 unique indicators which industry believes represent economies with the most effective IP systems.
  • The indicators create a snapshot of an economy overall IP ecosystem and span nine categories of protection:
    • Patents,
    • Copyrights,
    • Trademarks,
    • Design Rights,
    • Trade Secrets,
    • Commercialization of IP Assets,
    • Enforcement,
    • Systemic Efficiency,
    • Membership And Ratification Of International Treaties.