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ITF Transport Outlook 2023

ITF Transport Outlook 2023:

The decarbonization of transportation plays a crucial role in achieving the goals outlined in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

  • The International Transport Forum (ITF) at the OECD recently released its highly anticipated ITF Transport Outlook 2023 report, highlighting the importance of adopting a mix of policies to promote sustainable choices in transportation.
  • The report emphasizes the need for a comprehensive range of policies to encourage sustainable transportation choices.
  • This approach includes investing in public transport infrastructure, supporting the transition to transport modes with higher occupancy or load factors, and promoting the development of more compact cities.
  • By combining these measures, nations can create a sustainable and efficient transportation system.
  • By prioritizing sustainable transportation options and reducing reliance on traditional road networks, countries can allocate resources more efficiently and invest in future-proof infrastructure.
  • According to ITF projections, implementing ambitious policies for decarbonizing transportation would require 5% less investment in core infrastructure compared to following current policies.