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REAIM 2023

REAIM 2023:

The world’s First International Summit on the Responsible Use of Artificial intelligence in the Military (REAIM 2023) was held in the Hague, Netherlands.


  • Mythbusting AI: Breaking Down the Characteristics of AI
  • Responsible deployment and use of AI
  • Governance frameworks


  • Putting the topic of ‘responsible AI in the military domain’ higher on the political agenda;
  • Mobilising and activating a wide group of stakeholders to contribute to concrete next steps;
  • Fostering and increasing knowledge by sharing experiences, best practices and solutions.


  • The conference, co-hosted by South Korea, hosted 80 government delegations (including those from the US and China), and over 100s of researchers and defense contractors.
  • India was not a participant in the summit.
  • REAIM 2023 brought together governments, corporations, academia, startups, and civil societies to raise awareness, discuss issues, and possibly, agree on common principles in deploying and using AI in armed conflicts.