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Leopard Toby Puffer Fish

Leopard Toby Puffer Fish:

The Leopard Toby Puffer Fish, that roams in the depths of the ocean, has been spotted off the coast of Australia.

  • Leopard Toby Puffer Fishis a deepwater reef species that lives in deep water caves and reef slopes at an average depth of 50 to 100 meters.
  • Scientific name: Canthigaster leoparda
  • It is characterised by clusters of black dots along the flanks of its pale body.
  • It is also known as blowfish.
  • It is believed to have a thriving population in its deep-sea habitat.
  • Puffer fish in general are known for their unique morphological appearance and features, especially their defensive mechanism of inflating and deflating.
  • These small sea creatures pump water into their stomachs until they turn into the shape of a ball, larger than their normal body size, to evade predators.
  • It is usually found in the waters of the Philippines, Indonesia, Guam, and Micronesia.
  • Conservation status
    • IUCN: Least Concern