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Mahabaleshwar Temple Corridor

Mahabaleshwar Temple Corridor:

PM will inaugurate the Mahakaleshwar Temple Corridor project, worth ₹856 crores.

  • The corridor measures over 900 metres in length and will house around 200 statues and murals of lord Shiva and goddess Shakti, among other religious figures.
  • It will help make Ujjain the central node for promoting religious tourism to connect people with culture and traditions, creating livelihood opportunities and contributing to the city’s economy.
  • Mahakaleshwar temple is one of twelve Jyotirlingas, dedicated to Shiva, in the ancient city of Ujjain (Shipra river).
  • Kalidasa, the great Sanskrit poet of the Gupta times, mentioned the rituals of the temple in his works in Meghadūta.
  • The temple complex was destroyed by Iltutmish during his raid of Ujjain in 1234-35.
  • The present structure was rebuilt by the Maratha general Ranoji Shinde in 1734 CE