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Mainstreaming Biodiversity In Forestry Report: FAO

Mainstreaming Biodiversity In Forestry Report: FAO

Food and Agriculture Organization’s recently released report titled “Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Forestry Report”, integrating biodiversity into such ‘production forests’ is paramount.

Recommendations of the Report:

  • Recognizing the forest tenure of Indigenous Peoples and local communities, with emphasis on enhancing the equitable sharing of benefits.
  • Preventing the conversion of natural forests into monospecific forest plantations.
  • Ensuring the sustainable management of harvested species to control overharvesting of plants and wildlife.
  • Adopting a multisectoral perspective by mainstreaming biodiversity across other land use sectors.
  • Providing economic incentives, like compensation for reduced production to promote biodiversity benefits and investing in knowledge and capacity development.
  • Facilitating market-based instruments like engaging in public–private partnerships to leverage corporate social responsibility commitments.
  • Leveraging global momentum on restoration to enhance biodiversity conservation.

Mainstreaming Biodiversity

  • It is the process of embedding biodiversity considerations into policies, strategies, and practices of key public and private actors to promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Threats to Mainstreaming Biodiversity:
    • Deforestation: Deforestation continues at an alarming rate of 10 million ha per year (mainly for agricultural expansion) especially in lower income tropical countries.
    • Illegal Forest Activities: Illegal timber harvesting is estimated to account for 15–30% of global timber production.
    • Low Conservation Profile: Low profile of conservation outside protected areas.
    • Insufficient Capacity: Developing countries struggle to enforce forest and biodiversity regulations.
    • Lack of Participation: Lack of Indigenous People and local community participation.Weak Governance: Weak governance and law enforcement are the biggest stumbling blocks behind biodiversity conservation in protected areas.