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Marine Cloud Brightening (MCB)

Marine Cloud Brightening (MCB):

Scientists are testing a geoengineering technique called marine cloud brightening that involves using machines to inject tiny saltwater particles into marine stratocumulus clouds, aiming to increase their reflectivity and cool the Earth.

  • The Brightening clouds is one of several ideas to push solar energy back into space sometimes called solar radiation modification, solar geoengineering, or climate intervention.
  • Marine Cloud Brightening (MCB) is a scientific initiative that explores how altering atmospheric particles (aerosols) can impact cloud reflectivity
  • By releasing tiny aerosol particles into the atmosphere, researchers aim to enhance cloud brightness, leading to increased sunlight reflection.
  • Aerosols of the right size and concentration could significantly increase the reflectivity of specific types of clouds.
  • This phenomenon is visible in satellite images of clouds brightened by ship emissions (known as “ship tracks”).
  • It helps in better understanding of the present-day effects of pollution aerosols on clouds.
  • Investigate whether aerosol particles made from sea salt could be used to intentionally reduce near-term climate warming while greenhouse gas concentrations are brought down to safer levels.