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Kavro Doma 360

Kavro Doma 360:

Kanpur-based MKU Limited recently unveiled the Kavro Doma 360 at Milipol Paris.

  • Kavro Doma 360 is the world-first rifle-rated ballistic helmet.
  • It was indigenously developed by Kanpur-based MKU Limited.
  • The world’s first uniform rifle protection helmet: It offers uniform protection in all 5 zones of the head (front, back, left, right, and crown) against threats like the AK-47 MSC, M80 NATO BALL, and M193 rifle bullets.
  • The only boltless rifle protection helmet to date:
  • It’s the first anti-rifle helmet in the world that does not have bolts or any metal parts.
  • When a helmet is bolted, the risk of the bolt penetrating the skull on impact is higher due to weakened areas.
  • Furthermore, there are no rifle-rated bolts at the moment.
  • It has a boltless shell, which means it provides 40% more protection area against even AK-47 assault rifles than standard helmets.