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Mission Vatsalya

Mission Vatsalya:

Government released guidelines for Mission Vatsalya and asked states to not temper with the name of the scheme in order to access Central funds and benefits under it.

  • Mission Vatsalya is one of the new triads of schemes along with Mission Shakti, and Poshan 2.0, which aims at securing a healthy and happy childhood for every child. (under Women and child development ministry)
  • It focuses on Child Protection Services and child welfare services.
  • It is essentially a renamed version of the pre-existing scheme called Child Protection Services.
  • Objectives of the Mission:
    • To secure a healthy and happy childhood for every child in India.
    • To foster a sensitive, supportive and synchronized ecosystem for the development of children.
    • To assist States/UTs in delivering the mandate of the Juvenile Justice Act 2015.