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NAMASTE (National Action Plan for Mechanised Sanitation Ecosystem) Scheme : Union Budget 2023

NAMASTE (National Action Plan for Mechanised Sanitation Ecosystem) Scheme: Union Budget 2023

In the Union Budget 2023, the Government of India allocated Rs 100 crores for the NAMASTE scheme.

  • The GoI aims to mechanize septic tank cleaning and sewer cleaning in towns and cities.
  • The scheme aims to provide an alternate livelihood to sanitation workers. In addition, NAMASTE will strive to bring behavioral changes to them.
  • Objective of the scheme
    • To achieve zero fatalities in the sanitation sector
    • No sanitation worker will touch or come in direct contact with the fecal matter
    • The sanitation workers will be encouraged to form Self Help Groups
    • Ensure the workers have access to alternative livelihoods as mechanization may bring loss of jobs to few in the industry
  • In phase 1, 500 cities are taken. GoI is planning on choosing AMRUT cities first.
  • Also, the first target will be cities whose population is more than one lakh.
  • Ten cities from islands, hilly regions, and tourist destinations will be picked.