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National Working Plan Code-2023

National Working Plan Code-2023:

The Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change has released the “National Working Plan Code-2023” for the scientific management of forests and evolving new approaches.

  • Scientific forest management is an approach that involves the application of scientific principles and techniques to manage forests sustainably.
  • It focuses on gathering data, conducting research, and utilizing evidence-based practices to ensure the long-term health and productivity of forests.
  • The plan aims to provide social, economic, cultural, and spiritual benefits from forests.
  • “Indian Forest Management Standard” which is a part of this code, takes into account the diverse forest ecosystem in our country while trying to bring uniformity in management.
  • The code brings uniformity and acts as a guiding principle for the preparation of working plans across different forest divisions and states.
  • The standard aligns with international criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management.
  • Institutional framework establishes the policy, legal, and institutional framework necessary for effective forest management.
  • For the first time, continuous data collection and updation in a centralized database are prescribed for state forest departments.
  • It enables state forest departments to measure the effectiveness of their management practices against the prescriptions of the working plans.