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National Science Day 2023

National Science Day 2023:

India celebrates National Science Day on February 28.

  • National Science Day is celebrated in the country to mark the discovery of the Raman Effect.
  • Raman discovered the Raman Effect on February 28, 1928, and received Nobel Prize for his discovery in 1930.
  • The National Council for Science and Technology 1986 proposed to mark National Science Day on February 28.
  • The Government of India agreed to the proposal.
  • The objective of National Science Day
    • National Science Day is celebrated to spread the importance of science in day-to-day life.
    • On the occasion, the importance of science and achievements in the field are discussed. New technologies are implemented.
  • The theme of National Science Day 2023 : Global Science for Global well being
  • Raman Effect : The wavelength of light changes in the air as it is deflected by molecules.
  • This is referred to as scattering.
  • The sky is blue in colour because of the Raman effect.
  • Smaller wavelengths scatter easily.