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Pattachitra Art Form: Facts

Pattachitra Art:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi applauded a girl from Odisha named Bhagyashree in his Mann ki Baat program.

  • The girl has mastered the art of creating Pattachitra on various themes using soft stones.
  • The girl boosted her skill during the lockdowns and created pattachitra artworks on unused bottles, electric bulbs and various glass and plastic materials.

About Pattachitra

  • Pattachitra term generally used for traditional, cloth-based scroll painting.
  • The art form is based in the states of Odisha and West Bengal.
  • The art form is known for the intricate details and the mythological narratives and folktales inscribed in it.
  • This is an ancient art form in Odisha which is created for ritual use and as souvenirs for pilgrims to temples.
  • These art forms are a component of ancient Bengali narrative art.
  • The literal meaning of the word “Pajtta” is “cloth” and “Chitra” means “picture” in Sanskrit.
  • The colors used in the Paintings are natural and the paintings are made in the old traditional way by Chitrakaras (Odiya Painter).
  • The painting is done on canvas comprising of rich colorful application, creative motifs, and designs.

The theme of the paintings:

  • The paintings are based on Hindu mythology.
  • It is highly inspired by Jagannath and the Vaishnava sect.
  • Thus, the theme of Odia’s painting is kept around Lord Jagannath and the Vaishnava sect.
  • The subject matter of the paintings is mythological, religious stories, and folklore.
  • The individual paintings of gods and goddesses are done.
  • Pattachitra’s style of painting is a mix of both folk and classical elements.
  • The dress style in the paintings has Mughal influences.