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Plastic Waste Management : CAG Report

Plastic Waste Management : CAG Report

As per the recent audit by CAG of MoEF&CC, it was found that the ministry has a mechanism to assess the generation of plastic waste, but none for its collection and safe disposal

Key findings of the CAG report:

  • MoEF&CC has no action plan leading to ineffective implementation of Plastic Waste Management (PWM) Rules, 2016
    Effective coordination between several pollution control boards (Central and State) and the ministry is lacking
    Lack of uniform method of assessment of plastic waste generation within a state
  • The Plastic Waste Management Rules framed by MoEF&CC lack comprehensiveness to give thrust to effective implementation and monitoring

Strategy by MoEF&CC for plastic waste control:

  • Strengthening of the institutional system for the collection
  • Segregation and recycling of plastic waste
  • Engagement with producers, importers and brand owners through Extended Producer Responsibility