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Prev Shaphari : Certification Scheme For Aquaculture Products

Prev Shaphari: Certification Scheme For Aquaculture Products:

The Marine Products Exports Development Authority (MPEDA) has developed a certification scheme for aquaculture products called ‘Shaphari’.

  • Shaphari is based on the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization’s technical guidelines on aquaculture certification.
  • Shaphari is a Sanskrit word that means superior quality of fishery products suitable for human consumption.
  • It is a market-based tool for hatcheries to adopt good aquaculture practices and help produce quality antibiotic-free shrimp products to assure global consumers.

Components and Process:

  • Two Components:
    • Certifying hatcheries for the quality of their seeds.
      • Those who successfully clear multiple audits of their operations shall be granted a certificate for a period of two years.
    • Approving shrimp farms that adopt the requisite good practices.


  • The entire certification process will be online to minimize human errors and ensure higher credibility and transparency.