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Restriction Around Pashupatinath Temple

Restriction Around Pashupatinath Temple:

The sale and consumption of meat, alcohol, and other intoxicants have been restricted around the Pashupatinath Temple area due to the Hindu festival of Bala Chaturdashi.

  • Pashupatinath Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Pashupati, a form of Shiva.
  • It is located on the bank of the Bagmati River on the eastern outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • In 1979, the temple was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The temple complex includes 518 temples, buildings, and structures.
  • The main temple is designed in the Nepalese pagoda style, with a tiered roof and plinth.
  • It is a two-tiered structure with a gold-plated roof.
  • The temple has two interior rooms where the Pashupatinath idol is placed.
  • It is a cubic structure with four main doors, all covered with silver sheets.
  • One of the most astonishing decorations of the temple is the huge golden statue of Nandi, Shiva’s bull.