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Quad Cyber Challenge

Quad Cyber Challenge:

The Quad Nations are launching Quad Cyber Challenge – a public campaign to improve cyber security across the 4 nations.

  • The Internet-users are being invited across the Indo-Pacific and beyond to join the Challenge and pledge to practice safe and responsible cyber habits.
  • India’s National Cyber Security Coordinator with National Security Council Secretariat is the coordinating body in this challenge.
  • Internet-users worldwide are targets of cybercrime and other malicious cyber threats that can cost trillions of dollars each year and compromise sensitive, personal data. Many successful cyber-attacks can be guarded against by simple preventative measures such as; routinely installing security updates, utilising stronger and regularly changing passwords, and awareness of common online scams, like phishing.
  • QUAD is the grouping of four democracies –India, Australia, the US, and Japan that aims to ensure and support a “free, open and prosperous” Indo-Pacific region.