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Rare Golden Tiger In Kaziranga National Park : Image

Rare Golden Tiger In Kaziranga National Park : Image

A wildlife photographer captured a rare golden tiger in Kaziranga National Park (KNP).

  • Golden tigers (also known as a golden tabby tiger) are a colour form, not a separate subspecies, like white and black tigers.
  • They are exceptionally rare in the wild and even rarer in captivity.
  • Golden tiger spotted in KNP are a color variation of Bengal tigers caused by a recessive gene called “wideband”.
  • This gene affects the production of black pigments during the hair growth cycle.
  • Tigers typically exhibit three colours: black, orange, and white. In the golden tiger, the black colour is absent, and the orange appears faded.

Kaziranga National Park:

  • Formed in 1908 KNP is located in the edge of the north eastern part of the country in the district of Golaghat and Nagoan in the state of Assam.
  • It was declared as a National Park in 1974.
  • In the year 1985, the park was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and was declared as Tiger Reserve in 2006.
  • It is the single largest undisturbed and representative area in the Brahmaputra Valley floodplain.
  • KNP has mainly four types of vegetation’ like alluvial inundated grasslands, alluvial savanna woodlands, tropical moist mixed deciduous forests, and tropical semi-evergreen forests.