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What are Military Farms?

Military Farms:

Indian Army Formally Closes Down Military Farms.

  • Military Farms were set up with the sole requirement of supplying hygienic cow’s milk to troops billeted in various garrisons across British India.
  • The First Military farm was raised on 01 Feb 1889 at Allahabad.
  • After independence Military Farms flourished with 30,000 heads of cattle in 130 Military Farms all over India. Military Farms were even established in Leh and Kargil in the late 1990s, with the role of supply of fresh and hygienic milk to troops at their locations on daily basis.
  • Another major task was the management of large tracts of defense land, production, and supply of Baled Hay to animal holding units.
  • Military Farms are credited with pioneering the technique of Artificial Insemination of cattle and the introduction of organized Dairying in India.
  • In collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, they established “Project Freiswal”, credited to be the world’s largest cattle cross-breeding program.
  • They also teamed up with DRDO in the development of Bio-Fuel.
  • After 132 years of glorious service to the nation, curtains were drawn on this organization.