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Reliance Industries To Introduce Personal Genomic Mapping

Reliance Industries To Introduce Personal Genomic Mapping:

Reliance Industries will introduce personal genomic mapping (PGM) to the Indian market.

  • All the genetic information of an organism is called its genome. It consists of nucleotide sequences of DNA.
  • Genetic mapping can offer firm evidence that a disease transmitted from parent to child is linked to one or more genes.
  • PGM is expected to grow by 2.4 times by 2032.
  • PGM can identify and assess genes associated with a disease, and help with healthcare choices and precision medicine.
  • PGM provides clues about which chromosome contains the gene and precisely where the gene lies on that chromosome.
  • Ethical concerns exist around the possible use of PGM data for “designer” babies and the high cost involved and potential data abuse.