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RISC-V Technology

RISC-V Technology:

Chip designer Qualcomm said that it is partnering with Alphabet’s Google to make wearable devices like smartwatches using chips based on RISC-V technology.

  • RISC-V technology is an open-source technology that is pronounced “risk five”.
  • It is an open-source instruction set architecture (ISA) used for the development of custom processors targeting a variety of end applications.
  • It is considered the fifth generation of processors built on the concept of the reduced instruction set computer (RISC).
  • It was begun as a project at UC Berkeley to create an open-source computer system based on RISC principles.
  • It was initially designed for academic use. The standard has evolved and is now managed by RISC-V International.
  • As an open-standard architecture, RISC-V is defined by member companies of RISC-V International, the global nonprofit organization behind the ISA.
  • The intent is that through collaboration, the member companies can contribute to new avenues of processor innovation while promoting new degrees of design freedom.
  • It features a small core set of instructions upon which all the design’s software runs.