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River Devika Project At Its Final Stage

River Devika Project At Its Final Stage:

North India’s first river rejuvenation project, ‘Devika’, is in the final stages. and it will be soon dedicated to the nation by the Prime Minister.

  • River Devika Project built on the lines of ‘Namami Ganga’, the project was launched in February 2019.
  • It is north India’s first river rejuvenation project.
  • The project is implemented along the Devika River in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • It has been included in the Government of India’s National River Conservation Project (NRCP).
  • Under the project, bathing “ghats” (places) on the banks of the Devika River will be developed, encroachments will be removed, natural water bodies will be restored, and catchment areas will be developed along with cremation ground.
  • The project includes the construction of three sewage treatment plants with 8 MLD, 4 MLD and 1.6 MLD capacities, a sewerage network of 129.27 km, the development of two cremation ghats, protection fencing and landscaping, small hydropower plants, and three solar power plants.
  • Built at a cost of over Rs 190 crore, the sharing of fund allocation is in the ratio of 90:10 by the centre and UT, respectively.
  • On completion of the project, the rivers will see a reduction in pollution and an improvement in water quality.
  • It will offer a unique destination both for pilgrim tourists as well as recreation tourists, in addition to being a state-of-the-art cremation centre.