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Covid-19 Reinfection : Important Data

Covid-19 Reinfection:

A team of scientists from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) examined the cases of 1,300 individuals who had tested positive for the coronavirus twice.

  • It was found that 58 cases of the 1,300 individuals or 4.5% could be classified as possible reinfections.

Worldwide Cases of Reinfection:

  • The first confirmed case was reported from Hong Kong.
  • A couple of cases from the United States and Belgium also emerged.
  • However, there have been several cases of people testing positive for the virus multiple times, even in India, but not all such cases are considered reinfections.
  • Such cases are the result of what is called “persistent viral shedding”.

Persistent Viral Shedding:

  • When an individual gets infected by a respiratory virus like SARS-CoV-2, the virus particles bind to the various types of viral receptors.
  • Thus, Recovered patients can sometimes continue to carry low levels of the virus within their system for up to three months.
  • These levels are no longer enough to make the person sick or transmit the disease to others, but it can get detected in diagnostic tests.
  • The disease developed from such persistent virus is what is called Persistent viral shedding.