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Second Floating Jetty: Shipping

Second Floating Jetty: Union Minister For Ports, Shipping & Waterway:

Union Minister for Ports, Shipping & Waterways inaugurated the second floating jetty at Old Goa.

  • The jetty will offer safe, hassle-free transportation to tourists.
  • The Minister lauded the work done by the Government of Goa in making the tourism sector a growth engine of the state.
  • The Government of India has approved the setting up of two Concrete floating jetties on River Mondovi (NW-68) to connect Old Goa and Panjim.
  • This is the second floating jetty constructed on River Mondovi (NW-68).
  • Earlier, the first jetty located at Captain of Ports, Panjim Goa was inaugurated in February 2020 at Panjim.
  • Concrete floating jetties have many advantages over the fixed jetties.
  • Their price is approximately 1/5th of the price of a fixed jetty.
  • Similarly, they are quicker to build and install, easier to use.
  • The designed life of a floating jetty is up to 50 years.
  • Also, being floating structures they don’t need CRZ clearances.
  • They can be increased in size or reduced as per changes in users’ requirements or the changes in the jetty site’s hydrographic profile.