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Semal Trees

Semal Trees:

Semal trees, crucial to Udaipur’s Holi festivities, face peril in south Rajasthan. Despite their ecological significance, thousands are cut annually for bonfires, violating forest laws.

  • Semal trees, also known as silk cotton trees or Bombax Ceiba, are large, fast-growing trees (large deciduous trees, known for their Crimson red flowers) native to India. Ayurvedic medicines can be prepared from every part of the tree (e.g., roots are used for treating ailments such as diabetes, etc).
  • It is worshipped by many tribal communities in Rajasthan (e.g. Garasia tribe, Kathodi tribe) and Madhya Pradesh.
  • Its seed produces edible oil, used in making soaps. Semal plays a crucial role in the forest ecosystem, providing habitat and food for various species, including rock bees, moths, sparrows, and bugs.
  • Additionally, tribal communities rely on Semal for food, crafting, and cultural beliefs.