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Shahpur Kandi Dam Project

Shahpur Kandi Dam Project:

The completion of the Shahpur Kandi barrage, situated at the Punjab-Jammu and Kashmir border, has effectively halted the flow of water from the River Ravi to Pakistan

  • Shahpur Kandi Dam Project is located on the Ravi River in Pathankot district, Punjab, downstream from the existing Ranjit Sagar Dam.
  • The water released by Ranjit Sagar Dam is utilized for generating power from this project.
  • The main purpose behind the construction of this dam is power generation and irrigation in Punjab and J&K States.
  • It is constructed by the irrigation department of the Government of Punjab.
  • The project consists of a 55.5 m high concrete gravity dam, a 7.70 km long hydel channel, two head regulators, and two powerhouses.
  • The total output capacity of the project is 206 MW.
  • Ravi River is a trans-boundary river of India and Pakistan.
  • It is one of the five tributaries of the Indus River that give the Punjab (meaning “Five Rivers”) its name.
  • It originates in the western Himalayas in the Multhan tehsil of the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.