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Southern Cryonics

Southern Cryonics:

Southern Cryonics (a company in Australia) announced that it has successfully frozen its first client, with the hope of bringing him back to life in the future.

  • The first patient was an 80-year-old man, who died in May 2024 at a hospital in Sydney.
  • Cryonics involves keeping the human body at cryogenic temperatures (-196°C) in the hopes that one day, medical science will be able to repair the molecular damage caused by ageing and disease and bring the patient back to full health.
  • The process involves initially cooling the man’s body to 6 degrees Celsius with ice, using a heart-lung bypass machine to circulate a preserving solution and lower the temperature.
  • Further, the body is wrapped in a special sleeping bag and packed in dry ice to reach -80 degrees Celsius, and then gradually lowering the temperature to -200 degrees Celsius in a cooling chamber before placing in a pod and storing it upside down in a specialised tank.
  • However, the concern lies in the scientific and ethical aspects of reviving a whole human body, along with the extended timeframe required for such advancements.