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STARFIRE Algorithm

STARFIRE Algorithm:

Scientists at Raman Research Institute (RRI), an autonomous institute of the Department of Science and Technology, have developed an algorithm called STARFIRE

  • STARFIRE Algorithm is called as the Simulation of Terrestrial Radio Frequency Interference in orbits around Earth (STARFIRE) algorithm.
  • It can estimate the Radio Frequency Interference emitted by FM radio stations, Wi-Fi networks, mobile towers, radar, satellites, and communication devices, and use this calculation for designing and fine-tuning the antennas.
  • It is capable of estimating and mapping the unwanted Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) signals in space.
  • It can help design instruments that are capable of offering optimal operations in the presence of RFI and thereby, enriches the data obtained from the future space-based Astronomy missions.
  • This algorithm can also be handy in orbit selection for future missions.
  • The scientists used information on the FM transmitter stations from six countries in the world.
  • Data from Canada (number of stations – 8,443), USA (28,072), Japan (Tokyo – 21), Australia (2,664), Germany (2,500), and South Africa (1,731) were used as inputs for developing this model.