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Steadfast Defender 21 War Games: NATO

Steadfast Defender 21 war games:

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is organizing “Steadfast Defender 21 war games” military exercises in Europe as tensions with Russia increases.

  • In the war names, NATO troops, warships, and dozens of aircraft are taking part. Military exercises are taking place across the Atlantic, through Europe, and into the Black Sea region.
  • These war games are being organized with the aim of simulating the response of a 30-nation military organization for an attack on any one of its members.
  • It seeks to test the ability of NATO to deploy troops from America.
  • These war games were launched in the aftermath of Russia’s decision to send thousands of troops across border areas with Ukraine.
  • It has raised concern at the military alliance that launched the biggest-ever defense spending initiatives after Russian troops acquired the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine in 2014.
  • According to NATO, military exercises do not aim at Russia specifically.
  • But focus on the Black Sea region, where Russia blocks free navigation of ships.