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US- Russia Open Skies Treaty

US- Russia Open Skies Treaty:

US administration led by Biden does not seek to re-join Open Skies Treaty with Russia.

  • The treaty is a key arms control agreement, that allowed the US and Russia to fly surveillance aircraft over their military facilities
  • According to the US administration, the US does not seek to renter the pact because of Russia’s failure to comply with it.
  • Now, the “New START treaty” is the only major arms control pact between both countries which was extended for five years recently by the US.
  • The Open Skies Treaty was signed by the United States on March 24, 1992.
  • It came into effect in 2002. The Treaty allows both member countries to fly surveillance aircraft over military facilities.
  • The treaty was signed to promote transparency among member countries.
  • 34 member states had participated in the treaty.
  • Former President of the US, Donald Trump, announced its withdrawal in November 2020 while Russia announced to withdrawal in January 2021.