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Stonehenge is at risk of being ‘de-listed’ as a UNESCO World Heritage site if the A303 tunnel goes ahead.

  • The efforts to stop the construction of a two-mile road tunnel close to the Great Circle of Stonehenge in the United Kingdom were seen.
  • Stonehenge located in Salisbury Plain in England.
  • It is not clear who built Stonehenge.
  • The site has been used for ceremonial purposes and modified by many different groups of people at different times.
  • Archaeological evidence suggests that the first modification of the site was made by early Mesolithic hunter-gatherers.
  • The monument called Stonehenge was built in six stages between 3000 and 1520 BCE.
  • The site was used for ceremonial purposes beginning about 8000–7000 BCE.
  • Stonehenge is constructed from sarsen stones, a type of silicified sandstone found in England, and bluestones, a dolomite variation extracted from western Wales.
  • There is debate surrounding the original purpose of Stonehenge.
  • Stonehenge may instead be, according to researchers and others, a burial monument, a meeting place between chiefdoms, or even an astronomical “computer.”