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Tornado Struck In West Bengal

Tornado Struck In West Bengal:

A deadly tornado struck in West Bengal and killed five people and injured over a 100.

  • An increasing number of tornadoes have formed across India and caused destruction.
  • A warming Bay of Bengal and land, along with anomalous wind patterns could be a reason behind this.
  • A tornado is a violently rotating column of air that extends from a cumulonimbus cloud to the Earth’s surface.
  • It forms during severe thunderstorms.
  • Unlike cyclones which are large-scale weather systems, tornadoes are local and short-lived.
  • The formation of a tornado involves a complex interaction between a supercell (a long-lived thunderstorm with a deep, persistently rotating updraft) and the environment.
  • Wind shear (changes in wind speed and direction with height) plays a crucial role in creating the necessary conditions for tornado development.
  • Tornadoes are more likely to occur in regions where warm, moist air near the surface interacts with cooler, drier air aloft.