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TRISHNA Mission:

Thermal Infrared Imaging Satellite for High-resolution Natural Resource Assessment (TRISHNA) mission, a collaboration between ISRO and CNES (French Space Agency), aims to monitor surface temperature and water management globally.

  • It includes two primary payloads: Thermal Infra-Red (TIR) from CNES for infrared imaging and VNIR-SWIR from ISRO for surface reflectance mapping.
  • Operating in a Sun-synchronous orbit, it will aid climate monitoring, urban planning, and disaster management.
  • The mission aims to monitor the energy and water budgets of continental biospheres, alongside high-resolution observation of water quality and dynamics.
  • It provides detailed monitoring of surface temperature, emissivity, and radiation variables, aiding regional to global surface energy budgeting.
  • Additionally, it assists in assessing urban heat islands, detecting thermal anomalies, and monitoring snow-melt runoff, glacier dynamics, aerosol optical depth, atmospheric water vapour, and cloud cover.