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Turquet’s octopus

Turquet’s octopus:

Recent research published in the journal Science, unveiled a surprising connection between the movements of Turquet’s octopuses and the stability of the West Antarctic ice sheet.

  • Turquet’s octopus is a species of benthicoctopus with a circumpolar Antarctic distribution.
  • The species has a wide depth range, occurring from shallow waters to 4,000 m deep.
  • It is characterised by the absence of a skin ridge around the body, and its nearly smooth skin, which is covered with low granular bumps.
  • In the wild it is known to be preyed upon by Patagonian toothfish off South Georgia and Weddell seals off the South Shetland Islands.
  • These cephalopods, inhabitants of the Southern Ocean, navigated the region when the ice sheet melted approximately 125,000 years ago.
  • Conservation Status: IUCN: Least concern (LC)