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US Scientist Recently Discovered Quasicrystals

US Scientist Recently Discovered Quasicrystals:

A US scientist recently discovered quasicrystals.

  • The major difference between an ordinary crystal and a quasi-crystal is that the atomic patterns in quasi-crystals do not repeat themselves as that of an ordinary crystal.
  • They are rare to occur naturally.
  • However, can be created artificially.
  • So far, we have discovered only two naturally occurring quasicrystals.
  • The recently discovered is the third naturally occurring quasicrystal and was formed accidentally from an electric discharge.
  • This would have happened due to lightning strikes or power line downing.


  • Quasicrystals are fascinating materials that possess a unique combination of properties.
  • They are a testament to the beauty and power of irregularity in the natural world.
  • The quasi-crystals are usually laboratory made.
  • Quasi crystals require high pressure and temperature to form such patterns where the atomic structures do not repeat themselves.
  • It is very rare to occur naturally.
  • They are used in manufacturing non-stick frying pans, needles for acupuncture and surgery, dental instruments and razor blades.
  • The discovery of quasicrystals was made by American-Israeli scientist Dan Shechtman in 1982 in the lab.
  • Dan Shechtman received the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering quasicrystals.