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What Is A Toolkit? Greta Thunberg Case

Greta Thunberg toolkit Case:

Activist Disha Ravi Case is in the custody of the Delhi Police for editing and sharing a toolkit with globally known teen anti-climate change campaigner Greta Thunberg.

  • Some others have also been booked for coordinating with pro-Khalistan outfit Poetic Justice Foundation (PFJ) in connection with protest by farmers’ unions over the new farm laws.


  • A toolkit has become a handy tool in sustaining a movement or campaign in times of social media influences.
  • It is a document created as an explainer on an issue as a guide to everybody who is associated with the campaign or can be roped in to give a fillip to the campaign.
  • It also provides a roadmap of how to take forward the campaign or agitation explaining what needs to be done, when and how.
  • In the present case, the toolkit became an accidental disclosure when Greta Thunberg on February 5 shared a Google document, a “toolkit, inadvertently.
  • She deleted the tweet later, but it became a headline.
  • The toolkit tried to “explain the farmers’ protests” against the Modi government on the Delhi borders over the farm laws passed by Parliament in 2020.
  • After investigations, the Delhi police found that some pro-Khalistani elements were involved in creating disaffection against the country.
  • Disha Ravi is now accused of being a “key conspirator” for preparing and sharing the document.