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What Is Conclusive Land Titling?

Conclusive Land Titling:

As many States have failed to send in their feedback on a Model Bill on Conclusive Land Titling , the Centre has warned that their agreement would be presumed. The Bill was prepared by the NITI Aayog.

Land Titling:

  • It is the generic term used to describe the programs implemented by the government to enable individuals and the government to efficiently trade in rights in land and property.
  • Recently, the Supreme Court held that a citizen’s right to own private property is a human right.
  • India currently follows a system of presumptive land titling. It means that land records are maintained, with information on possession, which is determined through details of past transactions.

Conclusive Land Titling:

  • Under a conclusive land titling system, land records designate actual ownership.
  • The title is granted by the government, which takes the responsibility for accuracy.
  • Once a title is granted, any other claimant will have to settle disputes with the government, not the titleholder.
  • The government may provide compensation to claimants in case of disputes, but the titleholder is not in any danger of losing ownership.