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What Is Operation Dudhi?

What Is Operation Dudhi?

This operation was undertaken by the Assam Rifles while it was in Jammu & Kashmir from the years 1990 to 1992.

  • A team of 15 soldiers gunned down 72 Pakistan-trained extremists.
  • This remains the most successful counter-insurgency operation that has been conducted by any security force till date.
  • The battalion had killed 72 militants and apprehended 13 others.
  • The column of the Assam Rifles had moved from Battalion Headquarters that was located in Chowkibal for a routine patrol.
  • The patrol was conducted to check the Dudhi post that was vacated due to winter.
  • In the fierce firefight that took place till late night on the 5th and 6th May, soldiers Ram Kumar Arya and Kameshwer Prasad attained martyrdom.
  • RK Yadav had sustained injuries during this mission.
  • This operation was conducted on 3rd May 1991.
  • This mission was undertaken by a column that comprised a Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) along with 14 other ranks under Naib Subedar Padam Bahadur Chhetri’s command.
  • The soldiers were only equipped with light machine guns as well as 7.62 mm self-loading rifles.
  • The soldiers surrounded the enemy and then rained heavy fire at them.


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